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At the Law Office of Rick D. Banks, we have nearly 20 years of legal experience under our belts and a history of positive case results to show for it.
We’re confident that we have what it takes to satisfy your demands and meet your goals. To get immediate assistance with your legal troubles, call our Fresno law office today at (559) 272-8363. We understand how sensitive these matters can be and will treat you and your family with dignity and respect. We will also put in our fullest efforts to attain a positive case outcome while keeping you updated on the latest developments, so you know exactly where you stand every step of the way. Learn more about what we can do for you in your initial consultation.

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If you are in need of making a critical decision in a matter that relates to family law, my firm, the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks, is available to guide you through the legal process.

Family Law & Divorce

Family Law & Divorce

Family law encompasses legal matters related to familial relationships such as marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, and child support. Divorce, a common issue within family law, is a legal dissolution of a marriage by a court, terminating the marital relationship between two individuals.

Child Custody

Child Custody & more

Child custody is a legal term used to describe the practical and legal relationship between a parent and a child, including the right of the parent to make decisions for the child and the duty to care for the child. Other issues that may arise in child custody cases include visitation rights, child support, and modification of custody orders.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of creating a plan for the distribution of an individual's assets after their death. It involves preparing a will, setting up trusts, and designating beneficiaries for various assets. Estate planning also includes making arrangements for the management of an individual's financial and medical affairs in case of incapacity.

With more than 20 years of experience, the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks offers clients compassionate counsel for a wide variety of family law cases — including divorce, custody, and support matters. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, call (559) 462-5666.

Why Hire Attorney Rick D. Banks

Legal expertise

Hiring us means that you have access to legal expertise and knowledge that you may not possess yourself. We can help you understand complex legal issues, navigate the legal system, and interpret laws and regulations that may apply to your case.

Guidance and advice

We can provide you with guidance and advice throughout the legal process. We can help you make informed decisions about your case, advise you on your legal rights and obligations, and help you develop a strategy for achieving your goals.

Representation and advocacy

We can represent you in court, negotiations, or mediation. We can advocate on your behalf, present evidence and arguments to support your case, and work to protect your legal interests.

Peace of mind

We can give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a legal professional on your side who is dedicated to your case. We can help you minimize stress and uncertainty, and work to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Client Testimonials

“I just felt like I was stuck and I didn’t know what to do. I needed some legal advice, any advice, help. Encouragement really like, if this is what I wanted to do or not do. He really helped me because he wasn’t gung-ho about, “Yes, you need to get an attorney.” He was like, “Well, it seems like you want to work on it. Let’s wait.” And so, I really appreciate that. Actually, he was the only one that I met with. I spoke with some over the phone, but it just felt comfortable.”
“I was very nervous, very emotional. Going through a divorce is not something I had done before and I didn’t really know what to expect. Primary reason. I had met with other attorneys. I just didn’t feel comfortable with them. When I met with Rick, I immediately felt comfortable, I felt like he was honest and you talk about pretty emotional things and pretty private things and I felt between him and his staff that I could talk to them.”
“I was looking for an attorney to deal with the dissolution of my marriage, and Mr. Banks was recommended to me by my business attorney. That’s really how I found Mr. Banks. He said that he had a good referral. His approach; he’s very friendly, very honest, easygoing, has a kind demeanor, puts you at ease.He was very good with his discovery to get to the bottom of things because my husband wasn’t always very cooperative, nor was his attorney.”

Legal Assistance From a Top Fresno Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Rick D. Banks approaches every case with a commitment to helping his clients navigate the legal process and build a brighter future. If you are considering divorce, it’s essential to have the representation of an attorney who understands your unique circumstances and can work to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

With more than 20 years of experience, the Law Offices of Rick D. Banks offers clients compassionate counsel for a wide variety of family law cases — including divorce, custody, and support mattersTo schedule a no-obligation consultation, call (559) 462-5666.

10 Steps to Getting Divorced in California

10 Steps to Getting Divorced in California
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